Adult Faith

Scripture shows that Jesus was welcoming and kind to children. However, his teaching ministry was aimed squarely at the adults he encountered during his travels. As a church – in our concern for the spiritual well-being of our children we, often end up applying the bulk of our teaching resources towards them. This is fine – and at St. John’s we have added staff in order to made our youth catechisis and youth ministry among the best in the area. However, in  taking the model of Jesus more clearly in mind, we as the adults of St. John the Evangelist Church, need to rededicate ourselves to offering and accepting opportunities for adult faith formation. We can do this by way of offering opportunities for Scripture study and prayer in a small group setting.

This at first seems like a daunting task when we consider the variety of adults who are at different stages in their life, and who have different types of interests regarding the spiritual and religious aspects of church life. We need to rely on the presence of the Holy Spirit to gather us and guide us to a deeper spiritual relationship with Jesus so that we may truly be his disciples.

To that end St. John’s has a number of resources available to be used in small group settings where adults can share the learning process in mutual support of each other. Please see the “On the Table ” section and the “Small Group” section of our website. After reviewing these items you may still feel a need for something slightly different. Please let us know and we will help you find it.