Bible Study

Clearly, there is no other book in the world like the Bible. While many homes have them however they are not always used to their full advantage. Approaching the Bible can seem daunting. Therefore like other human projects, Bible study may best be done with others. Bible study coupled with prayer that seeks God’s inspiration can have a profound effect on helping one to draw closer to God – their creator – sanctifier – and redeemer.

Here at St. John’s we encourage people who are already comfortable with one another in social settings to consider forming a Bible study group. Of course the parish can also serve as a connecting hub for people who do not know each other yet share a common interest in getting to know the Bible better.

We have a number of resources available for your consideration. Let us know if you would like to help start a Bible study group. We offer training to be a small group facilitator. On the other hand, you may just be interested in joining a Biblle Study group. Either way let us know and you will find yourself becoming familiar with the Bible in a way you never thought possible.

Call the rectory at: 732-8521