Do you see a need in our parish or community that can and should be addressed?

Please type your answers on separate paper using the numbering below

  1. Contact person and contact information 
  2. Date you are submitting your proposal 
  3. Name of Ministry 
  4. Mission Statement/Purpose
  5. Goals and Objectives 
  6. (Optional) How would this ministry be consistent with the Parish Mission Statement? 


Each ministry at St. St. John’s is asked to incorporate some aspects of each of these three:  Service, Spiritual, Social

7.   How will you foster the spirituality of the volunteers within the ministry as well as those to whom they minister?

8.  If this ministry is not one primarily of service, how can you incorporate service activities?

9.  If this ministry is not already primarily of a social nature, how can you foster community among the members? 

10. Can you project the number of parishioners who could be involved with this ministry?

11. What about projected costs?

 Please submit completed proposal to Kerry at the rectory office.  Your proposal  will be evaluated by the Pastor and with his approval, will be assessed by a subcommittee of the Pastoral Council within 30 days of submission.

Thank You!