Youth Ministry

Young people have their own journey in this life. Together with the oversight of their parents, the church may be, at times, invited to share the journey with them. They may share with us their concerns and their questions. Along the way it is our hope and prayer that they gradually and even profoundly at times, experience for themselves something of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They are indeed the children of God and the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ calls out to them to also be sincere ambassadors for Christ in this world. 

To that end, faith formation here at St. John’s aims to go hand-in-hand and in collaboration with Youth Ministry. A dialogue with the young people is essential for this endeavor to bear fruit. No one youth group activity or project or group can accomplish that goal. Young people have a wide varity of interests. Therefore youth ministry activities can involve various events such as large group forums, small group discussions and various social activities which hopefully will allow the young folks to develop their friendships with others in Christ. They are invited to share in a myriad of activities and gatherings that correspond to the life of the parish. It is our sincere hope that as time goes on, they will more fully realize the important role they have in our parish and in the world as young Christians. 

Parish Contact: Dick Vetere or 732-85-two-one.